Lock Your Door, You're Not In Kansas Anymore

The reasoning varies. For some it’s laziness, some just don’t like to carry their keys around, others forget or have lost their keys entirely, or there are those like myself who grew up in a small town where we were just a tad too trusting and always left the house with the door unlocked. Locking your door is especially important if you have roommates. Failing to do so is a sign of disrespect or indifference regarding the property of those you're living with. Consider your own reaction to having your personal property stolen due to someone else failing to do something as quick and easy as locking the front door. I’ve seen handfuls of roommates at odds due to this very issue of consistently leaving the door unlocked. Despite Bryan/College Station being a relatively safe town, it is better to be safe than sorry. Lock the front door. Losing your key is not a valid excuse for leaving the door unlocked or asking your roommate(s) to do the same. If your key is lost or stolen, it is important to contact the office within a reasonable time frame in order to quickly replace it. Keeping track of your keys is your responsibility. Choose a designated spot in your bedroom or living room to always keep your keys. Reveille Ranch apartments come with a handy dandy coat rack mounted on the wall right next to the front door. You can put your keys on a Reveille Ranch wristlet and hang them right there! Forget the frantic search for your keys and the rush to the bus. You’ll save time and money, and both of these things are very important to a college student. 

Now, a common question is, “should I lock my bedroom door?” This completely depends on your level of comfort with your roommate(s) and how trusting you are. My last roommate and I were matched randomly and we chose to lock our doors if we went out of town, but left the door closed and unlocked on a regular basis. However, others have admitted to locking their bedroom doors initially, even when living with people they knew from high school. It’s a personal choice, neither of which is right or wrong. Feel out the situation and choose accordingly. Just remember to always be mindful and respectful of other’s personal property and expect the same in return. 

The deadbolt on the front door is a great safety feature that can provide peace of mind at night while you sleep. If the deadbolt is locked, the door cannot be opened from outside, even with a key. While this can be an added measure of safety, it can also lead to issues between you and your roommate(s). The only time you should deadbolt the door is if you know without a doubt that everyone who lives in and pays rent for your apartment, is home. This is college. People stay out late. That’s okay. Don’t make the mistake of locking your roommate out of their own apartment. Although the situation can be easily diffused if the locked out individual calls or rings the doorbell and the door is then unlocked, it doesn't always play out like this. Scenarios involving heavy sleepers or headphones and loud music can make for rather upset residents and roommates. The key (pun intended) is to always be aware of your surroundings. Here’s to wishing you regularly locked doors and good vibes!

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